Project Description

Balaclava Fireman Hood EAGLE FR - ETF2TKV

Balaclava Fireman Hood EAGLE FR – ETF2TKV

Fireman Hood / Balaclava

Model: ETF2TKV
Sertifikat / Standard: CE EN 13911:2517


The Eagle ETF2TKV hood features notched shoulders and full bib which ensures a proper fit and added
protection across the chest. The unique Eagle design balaclava features two totally flat crushed seams, extremely comfortable. The front length assures that this hood will stay tucked inside other required equipment.

Outer: 225gsm KermelĀ® Viscose 1:1
Liner: 225gsm KermelĀ® Viscose 1:1

Innovative design to ensure that the seams are comfortable
Two layers of fabric throughout.
Elasticated face opening.
Designed to work alongside other PPE.
The fabrics are designed in a rib design for additional comfort
and stretch using a warp knitted fabric for superior fit
and comfort