Project Description

Helm Pemadam JJXF RMK-LH, merupakan helm pemadam berkualitas yang mempunyai ketahanan terhadap api dan panas. Helm ini mempuyai sertifikat standar eropa CE EN433 dan fire test report. PT. Endlessafe Sinergi Safetindo merupakan distributor perlengkapan pemadam merek JJXF.

Berikut dibawah ini merupakan spesifikasi Helm Pemadam JJXF RMK-LH:

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JJXF Fire-fighting protective Helmets RMK-LH are designed with reference to European and American styles. The outer shell is made of high molecular flame retardant and UV resistant polymer             polyamine fiber material. It has impact resistance, high temperature resistance of 260°C, puncture      resistance, corrosion resistance, heat radiation  protection, etc.

Helmet-type design, multistage shock absorbing structure design inside the helmet, internal adjustment device can ensure the proper clearance and ideal comfortable wearing position. Protective shawls made using firefighters protective clothing     fabrics, breathable and waterproof, easy to disassemble cleaning and replacement.

Helm Pemadam Tahan Api Import CE

Helm Pemadam Tahan Api Import CE

Technical Parameters
Model No RMK-LH
Certificate EN443:2008  DIN58610:2006
Type half face
Shell material Intensive FR PA66/R
Hat Band Plastic steel
Evening cape Glass fiber Aluminum foil cloth+Navy cotton yarn card FR
Face shield material heat resistance Polyetherimide
Molding technology Injection moulding
components Shell,hoop,suspension,buffer layer,chin strap,anti-fog goggle,Face shield,evening cape
color Green,Red,Yellow or custom made
Max Impact Force 3327.6N
weight 1267g
packing 73*58*48cm,8 sets in 1 carton or As your request
Features 1.anti-shock 2.heat resistance 3.Full protection 4.puncture resistance 5.electrical insulation 6,anti-radiation heat 7.anti-corrosion


1. When used under the danger of explosion, anti-static spray should be sprayed on the surface to form a water curtain to keep the surface at a certain temperature.
2. It is forbidden to sit or stand on the helmet.
3. When the helmet shell, interior equipment, lower jaw belt, or other parts are squeezed or damaged, replace the damaged parts before continuing use.
4. The helmet shell shall not be affixed to other stickers or spreads to prevent the material properties of the product from being affected.
5. Avoid cleaning helmets, masks, or goggles with hydrocarbon-based cleaning products or solvents.