Project Description

Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates merupakan foam yg digunakan untuk sebagai cairan pembuat busa pemadam, terdapat banyak jenis Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates seperti AFFF, AR-AFFF, P, FP, FP-AR, FFFP, AR-FFFP, dll. Kami merupakan distributor Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates, Berikut merupakan jenis-jenis Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates yang kami jual:

  • AFFF foam: foam based on fluoro & hydrocarbon surfactants including non toxic chemical components. This extinguishing agent exhibits low expansion foam fire properties which are adaptable for use in various low-expansion foam equipment’s
  • AR-AFFF foam: AR-AFFF foam based on fluorochemical with hydrocarbon surfactants including non-toxic chemical components. This specialized alcohol resistant property gives outstanding performance on hydrocarbon and polar solvents fires.
  • Protein foam: protein foam concentrate is highly stabilized foam extinguishing agent based on protein hydrolysis liquid. It has an efficient extinction on hydrocarbon fuel B fires and has a low expansion property which is adaptable to various low expansion foam system, low expansion foam generator.
  • FP foam: foam concentrate contains highly stabilized protein based foam with fluoro surfactants. This foam concentrate has a low expansion property which is adaptable to various low expansion foam equipment.
  • FP-AR foam foam is a fluoro-protein alcohol resistant foam concentrate which consists of hydrolyzed protein based foam with Fluorocarbon surfactants. This Foam is specialized on extinguishing polar solvent and flammable hydrocarbon fires. This low viscosity foam has low expansion property and it’s adaptable to various foam system. (Low & Medium Foam Type)
  • FFFP/AR foam is an alcohol resistant and Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam Agent which contains fluorocarbon surfactants with highly stabilized hydrolysis proteins. This maintains a stable fluidity and foam endurance on flammable liquids. It also has rapid knock down property and good compatibility with dry chemical powder.
  • High Expansion Foam: high expansion foam concentrate contains synthetic surfactants and adaptable to use in various high and medium expansion foam generators. This foam concentrate exhibits the greatest effectiveness when they are used to cover the large areas of drifting non- water-soluble flammable liquids.