Project Description

Pakaian Pemadam JJXF ZFMH-JX D(DRD) merupakan pakaian tahan panas dan api yang terdiri dari Jaket dan Celana yang dijahit menggunakan bahan Dupont Nomex IIIA.

Pakaian ini telah memiliki sertifikat Standard Eropa CE EN469 dan fire test report dari BTTG UK (inggris) dan juga telah memiliki hasil Laporan Hasil Uji Lab Damkar.

Berikut merupakan spesifikasi Pakaian Pemadam JJXF ZFMH-JX D(DRD):

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For body protection, with flame retardant, waterproof and breathable, heat insulation, anti-static and strong marking performance, composed of the outer layer, waterproof breathable layer, insulation layer and comfort layer;

Daftar Harga Baju Pemadam Nomex IIIA

Pakaian (Jaket dan Celana) Pemadam Nomex IIIA


(1). The outer fabric of the product adopts IBNA’s new type I with a mass per unit area of ​​205±10.25) g/m2; Nomex IIIA fiber produced by DuPont (including: 93% of Nomex, 5% of Kevlar, 2%) Conductive fiber) as raw material,

Flame-retardant properties: Longitudinal burn time 0s, loss length 31mm,

Latitude continuous burning time 0s, loss length 32mm;

Breaking strength: warp 1173N, weft 1003N;

Tear strength: radial 277.5N, latitude 240.8N;

Humidity resistance: 3 levels;

Thermal stability: change rate 1.0%

Color fastness: washable stain 4-5; water-resistant friction 4-5

(2). The waterproof breathable layer adopts DYZ14-1 type aramid non-woven fabric + PTFE film, and the mass per unit area is (108±5.4) g/m2;

Hydrostatic pressure >50kPa;

Water vapor transmission rate: 6099 (g/(m2..24h));

Oil Repellent Performance Level 4, Thermal Stability: Change Rate 2.0%.

(3). Insulation layer is IBNA T-70, mass per unit area (75±3.75) g/m2);

Flame retardant: Longitudinal burn time 0s, loss length 48mm, latitudinal afterflame time 0s, loss length 41mm;

Thermal stability: change rate 1.0%;

(4). The fabric of the comfort layer is Shanghai Yibina TV120 with mass per unit area of ​​(120±6)g/m2;

Flame-retardant properties: Longitudinal burning time 0s, loss length 39mm, latitudinal afterflame time 0s, loss length 35mm;Thermal stability: change rate 1.0%;

(5). reflective tape with 3M reflective tape;

Flame retardancy: Longitudinal burn time 0s, loss length 21mm, latitudinal afterburn time 0s, loss length 17mm;

(6).Life-saving towing belt, specifications (25 ± 2) mm

Flame-retardant properties: Longitudinal burn time 0s, loss length 3mm; latitudinal continuous burning time 0s,

loss length 2mm;

Thermal stability: change rate 0%;

Expansion time: 6s;

Drag distance:>2.5m;

Breaking strength: 8373N;

(7). The outer reinforcing material adopts diamond-shaped jacquard flame-retardant and wear-resistant cloth, and the mass per unit area is (360±36) g/m2;

Flame-retardant properties: Longitudinal continuous burning time 0s, loss length 5mm; latitudinal afterburning time 0s, loss length 4mm;

Thermal stability: rate of change 1.0%

The overall thermal protection performance 34cal/cm2.

Needle density: bright and dark line 13 needles / 3cm;

Joint breaking strength: longitude 917.8N, latitude 848.9N,

Color difference: not less than 4

The whole clothing weight ≤ 3kg

The reflective appearance of the whole outfit is horizontal.

Packing size: 57*38*10cm


  1. The clothing should be cleaned immediately after wearing.
  2. Washing should be as much as possible to wash the surface layer. It can be washed with neutral detergent, then
  3. Dry and then cool after washing: if drying, the temperature should not exceed 60 ℃ when drying, in order to prevent
  4. The air permeation layer from blocking the micropores and affect the air permeability effect.
  5. It is forbidden to repair the garment privately. If damaged, it must be returned to the factory for repair.
  6. Clothing should be stored in a ventilated and dry room, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, avoid storing with dangerous chemicals, and store the whole box on a board or shelf to prevent dampness.


  1. guard against paralysis psychology, because firefighters protective clothing has the good heat insulation performance, the firefighter may reduce the sensitivity to the heat wave after wearing, easy to produce the paralytic psychology. Please be careful not to lower your vulnerability to fire when working. Do not expose your body, and fire fighters may be burned unwittingly
  2. in the presence of chemical dangerous goods, chemical gas, radioactive hazards and other environments prohibited to use alone, should wear appropriate protective equipment.
  3. No contact with high-temperature objects or metals to avoid injury to operators after clothing damage.
  4. Water gun and spray protection must be used in the working environment when close to the flame and in high heat radiation.