Project Description

Fireman Gloves JJXF-ST-2 merupakan sarung tangan yang mempuyai ketahan terhadap panas dan api yang terbuat dari bahan Aramid seperti Nomex IIIA. Sarung tangan ini memiliki sertifikat standar eropa CE / EN659 dan fire test report.

Sarung Tangan Anti Api dan Panas JJXT-ST-2

Sarung Tangan Anti Api dan Panas JJXT-ST-2

Berikut dibawah ini merupakan spesifikasi Fireman Gloves JJXF-ST-2:

JJXF-ST-2 fire gloves are suitable for firefighters to wear gloves during firefighting and rescue, and to protect firefighters’ hands and wrists. The fabric is made of Kevlar high-performance flame-retardant fiber material, which is characterized by flame-retardant, waterproof and breathable, anti-static, etc. It has the features of low preheat shrinkage, comfortable feel and so on.

Model NoJJXF-ST-2
StandardCE EN13911
TypeFive finger design
Outer fabric:Navy Blue Aramid 1313+fire retardant fiber
Moisture barrier:TPU low permeability milky white waterproof bag
Thermal layer:Aramid mats
Inner layer:FR knitted cotton
Reflective tape:50mm width
TPP value:30.1cal/cm2
ColorNavy Blue
Packing60*40*30cm, 100 pairs per carton
FeaturesFlame retardant, waterproof and

breathable, antistatic andcomfortable


  1. 1.Avoid direct contact with the flame or molten metal;
  2. 2.Fire gloves should be cleaned frequently to avoid the effect of oil pollution.
  3. 3.Wash the surface layer as much as possible during washing. Can be washed with water, use neutral detergent, washed or dried after drying.
  4. 4.placed in a dry and ventilated room to save,Store the whole box on a wooden board or shelf to prevent it from getting wet. Try to avoid prolonged exposure. Do not store it together with chemical hazards.