Project Description

Fireman Boots JJXF RJX-25A merupakan sepatu pemadam yang mempunyai ketahanan terhadap, api, panas dan tegangan listrik seperti sepatu merk HARVIK. baik JJXF maupun HARVIK memiliki spesifikasi yang mirip dan sama standard eropa CE EN15090 dan fire test report. PT. Endlessafe Sinergi Safetindo merupakan distributor langsung sepatu pemadam merek JJXF, selain itu kami juga menjual sepatu pemadam merek HARVIK.

Dibawah ini merupakan video pengetesan ketahanan panas sepatu pemadam JJXF ketika disiram cairan timah panas disalah satu pabrik di Indonesia:


Berikut dibawah ini merupakan spesifikasi sepatu pemadam merk JJXF tipe RJX-25A:

Sepatu Pemadam Anti Api dan Panas Fireman Boots JJXF

Sepatu Pemadam Anti Api dan Panas Fireman Boots JJXF

Download brosur Sepatu Pemadam Anti Api dan Panas Fireman Boots JJXF RJX-25A

JJXF RJX-25A Fire Fighting Fire Extinguishing Protective Rubber Boots are personal protective equipment for firefighters to protect feet and calves from flooding, external force damage and heat radiation during fire fighting and rescue. It have functions such as waterproof, puncture-proof, tamper-proof and electrically insulating.

Technical Parameters
Model NoRJX-25A
Certification / StandardsEN15090:2012 / GA6-2004 / CCC
MaterialNatural rubber, steel toe, steel midsole
Puncture resistance1830N
Anti-smashing propertiesstatic pressure:21mm, impact: 20.5mm
Withstand voltage5000V
Face shield materialheat resistance Polyetherimide
Leakage current<3mA
ColorYellow and black
Packing54*48*32cm,  5pairs/ctn
Features1. flame retardant

2. Anti-slip

3. Anti impact

4. puncture resistance

5. Electrical insulation

6. Anti-radiation heat

7. Anti-corrosion


1.  If penetration, leakage or other phenomena are found in use, or the use time is too long, or the rubber sole wears too much, stop using it immediately.
2. Scrub with a soft cloth when cleaning, and dry it after washing to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or drying in the sun.
3. It is strictly prohibited for live, concentrated acid, concentrated alkali and other places with strong corrosive chemicals.